IPP Krav Maga Telescopic stick seminar in France

IPP Krav Maga seminar in Lithuania

Vilnius,  May 2012,

Ipp Krav Maga self defense seminar directed by our Instructor PAWEL HANDZLIK.

During the seminar Pawel showed to all partecipants the most effective self defense techniques in a real contact way.

Congratulation to all partecipants.

IPP Krav Maga Military seminar in Lithuania

Vilnius,  May 2012,

military seminar directed by our Instructors PAWEL HANDZLIK
and EGIDIJUS STANKEVICIUS. The seminar was built showing both empty hands techiques and firearms techniques to all partecipants.

Congratulation to our instructors and all partecipants.


IPP KRAV MAGA Police seminar in France

Touluse, May 2012

New seminar in IPP Krav Maga Police techniques directed by our Master Patrice Elophe, Technical Director for France.

During the seminar Master Patrice shown the most effective techniques for security and police officer cosndiering different fighting scenarios.

Congratulation to everybody

IPP KRAV MAGA international seminar in Portugal, 2012

Lisbon, april 2012

For the first time Portugal hosted an international semianr of the IPP Krav Maga International Association.

The seminar was splitted into 2 days of activities in which Master Alberto Merlo with the support of Master Pierangelo Merlo and Luis Moreira teached street self defense techniques with dynamic and real approach and the use of telescopic baton for security and law enforcement program.

Thank you to everybody for the good job and the grat results of the seminar. 

IPP KRAV MAGA instructors course in Portugal, 2012

First instructors course in Portugal directed by Master Alberto Merlo.

Congratulation to all new team of certified instructors for the very good job done.

IPP KRAV MAGA seminar in Portugal, 2012

Big success in Portugal for the self defense seminar directed by our official instructor Luis Fernando Moreira.

Master Moreira is doing a great job for IPPKrav Maga International Federation and his team is growing very fast.


Congratulation to all Portugal team

IPP KRAV MAGA seminar/exam  in Italy 2012

Our certified instructor Aldo Santi directed an intensive seminar regarding  IPP KravMaga self defense techniques with inlcuded the belt exam session.

The instructor was very satisfied with the level reached by his students and the right attitude shown during the exam.

Congratulation to everybody ! 

IPP KRAV MAGA seminar in Portugal, 2011

Big success in Portugal for the self defense seminar directed by our official instructor Luis Fernando Moreira with the support of our new instructor Carlos Oliveira. The instructors shown many self defense techniques included in our official program plus many muay thai techniques modified for self defense purpose.

Congratulation to all members of Portugal IPP Krav Maga team!


IPP KRAV MAGA seminar in Italy, 2011

New seminar in Italy


IPP Krav Maga International Association organized a special seminar in Italy focus on Police tactics  dealing with control and arrest techniques, security techniques, mass attack and advance ground control combination.

The seminar was directed by Chief Master Alberto Merlo- 

Thank you to all partecipants for the great success!

KRAV MAGA course in Germany, 2011 

New Krav Maga course in Germany directed by our instructor Gunther Benjiamin.

Congratulation to everybody for the results achieved!

IPP KRAV MAGA seminar in Lithuania, 2011 

New self defense seminar in Lithuania
Two days self defense seminar directed by our Instructor Egidijus Stankevicijus ,with the help of Algis and Dariusin, who teached the IPP KRAV MAGA system principles showing many techniques to protect against mass attack,  knife and gun.
congratulation to all participants and instructors!


course in France, 2011 

France 2011


A special course on Police IPP Krav Maga system directed by master Patrice Elophe in France.

The good partnership between IPP Krav Maga International ass. and FIKSDA is creating advance technical programs for the evolution in self defense training


Congratulation to everybody !

IPP KRAV MAGA seminar in Lithuania, 2011 


Vilnius - Lithuania, May 2011


New IPP Krav Maga seminar in Vilnius directed by Master Pawel Handzlik our technical director for Poland.


Master Pawel is doing a big job spreading IPP krav Maga system in Eastern Europe.



IPP KRAV MAGA exam in Portugal, 2011 

Lisboa - Portugal

March 2011


New exam session in Portugal directed by our Instructor  Luis Fernando Moreira.

The students after an intensive training course got their colored belt.

Congratulation to our Portugal team! 

IPP KRAV MAGA exam in Italy, 2011 

Menaggio (CO) - Italy February 2011


Our Instructor Luciano Marella directed the belt exam session for some of his students promoting them at colored belt.


Congratulation to everybody for the good job

KRAV MAGA Seminar in France, 2011

TOULUSE - FRANCE, February 2011


New Krav Maga seminar in France with our Technical Director Master Patrice Elophe.


The seminar was focused on the most effective Krav Maga self defense techniques.


The partnership between IPPKRAVMAGA International and FIKSDA is becoming month after month stronger and stronger sharing new ideas to offer always the best training for the students.


Congratulation to everybody

IPP KRAV MAGA Special course


Italy, 2011



Our instructor Massimo Simoncelli directed in Italy a special course named "Women self protection".

In this course our instructor demonstrated and teached many techniques usefull to react against sexual agression and the violence of the street directed to women.


At the end of the course all students got a special certificate of attendance.


Congratulation to everybody for the training and the job done.



IPP KRAV MAGA exam session


Italy, 2011


Exam session held in Italy - Cremona - on 28 of January 2011.


Our Instructor Aldo Santi organized color belt exam session in Cremona. He was impressed by the technical level and the great job done by the students who attended the test.


Congratulation to everybody for the great job !




IPP KRAV MAGA international seminar


Poland, 25 september 2010

participants at the seminar
participants at the seminar
international exam board
international exam board