Alberto Merlo is the founder of the IPP Krav Maga Training Program.

Alberto built this program not mixing different martial arts but just only considering the advance techniques of Israeli Krav Maga System to offer the possibility to train in depth in different real self defense scenarios.

He belives that the personalization and the differentiation in training programs are two  of the most important success factors in real self defense.

It's impossible to prepare for something that is unpredictable (real self defense) only using standard approach.

Everyone is different but everybody has the right to defend himself.


Alberto has a 25 years experience in Martial Arts, and over 12 years of experience in training people in self defense.


Since the beginning of his martial art career he always searched for an effective application of the techniques in real self defense.


In Krav Maga, Alberto trained many instrcutors (civilians - police officer - soldier), many Master from different martial Arts system and many students.


Some of Alberto's martial arts titles are:


Krav Maga Master Instrcutor

Krav Maga Technical Director for Italy Black belt 5 degree (FIKSDA)

Forsvar Chief Instructor Italy

Karate Black Belt 8 degree

Kenpo Black Belt 7 degree

Vietnamese Kung Fu Black belt 7 degree

Law Enforcement Instructor (Security Services academy)

Mixed Martial Arts Instrcutor black belt  3 degree

Combat Wing Chun  Instructor




Krav Maga Master of the year  Black Belt Hall of Fame (MAH&FA)


Military instructor of the year  Black Belt Hall of Fame (SRMAA)


Street Combat Instructor of the year Black Belt Hall of Fame (SRMAA)


Krav Maga Instructor of the year Black Belt Hall of Fame (SRMAA)


Krav Maga Instructor of the year Black Belt Hall of Fame (SRMAA)


Alberto is the president of the Forsvaritalia Association, specialized in teaching martial arts and self defense.


He also has a degree in pharmacy and use his scientific background to explain the physiological aspects of martial art techniques.