Alberto Merlo is Master Instructor is Forsvar ADS. The founder of the system is Soke John Cozatt, who created Forsvar to give a simple and practical answer for street self defense.


In our training program we stress simplicity and reality.

We consider instinctive movements and use them in different scenarios to prepare our students to react in a very simple and fast way.


Forsvar ADS consider defense against punches, kicks, knives, guns, mass attack, ground survival etc. everything connected to real self defense.

In Forsvar ADS we consider speed and coordination as key success factors, our strikes and techniques must be executed in the shortes time possible, and the aggressor doesn't realize what happening.


This System can well integrated in our Krav Maga training offering our student a different approach increasing his skills in real self defense training.


Our program is based on 15 scenarios each of these scenarios can be executed in stand up or ground position with or without weapons.

The important thing is that the basic principles are not modified in the execution of these scenarios helping you in developing you real instinctive approach for self defense and prepare you for reality! 


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