KRAV MAGA International Association 


Our members are Krav Maga Instructors with a huge experience in Self Defense.

In fact, all Instructors has advance degree not only in Krav Maga system but also in different Martial Arts.


Due to this solid preparation, all courses directed by IPPKRAVMAGA certified Instructors can offer high standard of technical quality.


IPP KRAV MAGA International Association accepts every Krav Maga instructor, no politics no discrimination.


We don’t require our instructors exclusivity contracts , franchising, go out  their organizations, etc., but we require them to demonstrate (using different tools) their level of preparation to be sure to maintain a high standard level.


If you are a Krav Maga Instructors and want to be part of our association, please send an e-mail to  with subject IPPKM


If you are an Instrucotr in Martial Arts (all styles) and want to achieve your Krav Maga Instructor certificate, please send an e-mail to with subject IPPKM instructor course.


All associations and federations are welcome!