Below is reported the new and the official ranking system.

In IPPKM there are two different way to progress:

1) Practitioner

2) Instructor

The practitioner is for people who are not interested in teaching IPPKM but want practice and increase their knowledge in IPPKM and self defense in general

The instructor way is for people who want to teach IPPKM and create their own school.

To pass instructor exam you have to demonstrate not only your technical ability (like practitioner levels) but also your ability in teaching the techniques considering the strong and weakness point of each techniques and the real demage they can cause if executed in a wrong way by the students.


So for example: Instructor level 1,  is a black belt 1 dan, it's impossible to be instructor level 1 with an orange belt level.  



Practitioner Belt Ranking



white - yellow - orange - grenn - blu - brown - black


Advance practitioner

black 2 dan - black 3 dan - black 4 dan - black 5 dan


Master practitioner

black 6 dan - black 7 dan - black 8 dan

Instructor ranking



level 1 (black belt 1 dan) - level 2 (black belt 2 dan) - level 3 (black belt 3 dan)


Advance Instructor

level 4 (black belt 4 dan) - level 5 (black belt 5 dan)



level 1  (black belt 6 dan) - level 2 (balck belt 7 dan) - level 3 (black belt 8 dan)